Food Service Angel Fund

Angel Fund

Our nation is facing a huge obstacle when it comes to resolving the negative lunch account balance dilemma. Many families are facing growing negative account balances, and simply do not have the means to pay for their children’s lunches. Fortunately for them, there are angels among us with the financial means and desire to help. Recently we have had a surge in calls from angels asking us how they can help our families by paying off negative lunch account balances. Do you find yourself wondering the same thing?

The Farmington Food Service Team is continually working to assist our families with negative lunch balances, but with your help, we know that we can make an even bigger difference! By making an anonymous monetary donation to the Angel Fund Program, you would become one of our angels, and make a difference in the life of a student today. What is the Angel Fund you ask?

The Angel Fund Program has quietly been assisting families in need with negative balances by applying  payments to their meal account, so that their children can enjoy a hot, and nutritious meal. With your support, we would not only be able to continue, we could expand this wonderful program.

So please call the school Food Service Office at 651-460-3820 to find out how to become one of our anonymous angels today. The world cannot ever have too many angels.

The Farmington Food Service Team